by Execution At Hand

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Execution At Hand brings forth their first official offering with the "Immolate" EP. Heavy, fast, crushing and catchy, the band covers it all in just 5 songs - leaving you ready and craving more. Execution At Hand experimented with reworking original tracks from our active years past as well as writing new ones with a fresh and crushing direction, teasing for more to come. This album is dedicated to the late Shawn Pendergrass. We will never forget the support, friendship and love you gave this band in our early years as musicians and all the way through until the end and onto to other projects. You are greatly missed.


released July 21, 2017

Vocals - Cordell Cline
Guitars & Bass - Jerry Kelley
Drums - James Dunning



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Execution At Hand Oregon

Originally formed in 2007 in Roseburg, OR. 10 years later, we give you "Immolate"

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Track Name: Gravelord
Harbinger of myriad woe
Undulating mountain of the withered dead
the unpure
The amalgamation
of the despised and discarded.
Praise the light for the night will always come
When I awaken from slumber in furious rapture.
The first and the last of my kind
That which was conjured from unspeakable nightmares
Unthinkable horrors
malformation cast from the bedlam of disordered cosmos
For this is the order of nature
No life lasts forever
this one must keep the dead
Lest they invade the living
Thy countless eyes peer upon a kingdom of decomposition
Putrescent throne of writhing corpses regurgitate rivers of bile and organs.
Hell, Sheol, Hades.
No matter the name
Death is thy domain.
Give up the ghost
enter the aether.
Fall towards thy voice in blissfull descension.
Thou art never alone
For i am never far away
We become one
in darkness of graves.
We become one
in darkness of graves
Clamoring howls tell tales of eternal despair.
Deafening yet falling on deaf ears.
Suffer the
wretched ones
Cold embrace.
Forever and a day
Bewildered exodus
Blindly they churn in dimensions of turmoil.
Track Name: The Dread March
Masterdom of the overlords
Subjugating nations with disgrace
Terror raining obliterating
razing all in sight to the ground
Without warning
The dread march swarming
Cacophonous chaos
shock and awe
Proficient in annihilation
A vision of carnage and viscera.
One by one down the firing line.
Piles of festering meat for carrion to gorge on
Evolution of chaos
Through bloody eons perfecting slaughter
Acolytes of genocide
Relentless butchers of the new world
Immolation inspired
by infernal tyrants
That bask in the glory of
the dishonored departed

Nothing is safe from their grasp
Everything, everyone becomes fodder for the hell hounds baying for war. Seperating rich from the poor.
Initiate the purge.
Perpetual culling for their golden age,
Eliminating with impunity.
A dismal task carried out joyously.

Exterminating beneath the guise of order.
The end is coming
The dread march
Track Name: None More Repulsive

We instill the need the rip and tear apart
No satisfaction for the
ceasless gnashing maws
We pierce and drain its ancient blood with engines of ingestion
Crumbling flesh gripped by iron claws
We should have left it as it was
Untainted by malice
spreads forth from our gaze
a visage forever changed
to fit our putrid obsession
Trudging shambling towards no meaning
Cursed mindlessness in breeding
A cancer on all that we touch
We wander complacent through life
As our apathy fills ivory hands
As profligate revery
Manufactures dissent
There is
None more repulsive
We are the festering cyst vile and grotesque
None more repulsive
Our blight of existence must come to an end
Track Name: Desecration Of The Kneeler
Kneeling before that infallable flaw in chains of fear and bigoted rage
Degenerate scum spewing inane sickening rhetoric with mouths that gape
Condemning without shame
Drowning your eyes in an ocean of faith and lies
I refuse to subject myself
To the abject enslavement of thought
Catechizing imperial doctrines
Herd you blindly in droves of grief
To towering shadows
And molesting hands
Ive seen right past your veil of light I hear the perversions you utter
Pestilent penetration
Those mired in corruption
The meek yet follow
Sacrament of hate
Forcefed in handfulls
By overbearing monstrosities Reshaping your concious reflections With gilded fanaticism
Desecrated and bound to the depths
Blistered in flames of the righteous
The plague of our abyssal existence born from the wrath of men
Crushed into despair
Weak and shriveled
Groveling in your own excrement
Upon broken knees
Until kingdom come
You will never see the promised land
Track Name: Forsaken Vessel

Lo and Behold.
For i have risen in defiance
Before the eyes of gods and men
Surpassing all percieved earthly morals
This vessel of flesh
I have forsaken
My decaying form has lost all meaning so i peer into the fog between worlds
taking my last anguished breath silently embracing my death
I am now reborn
Through forbidden paths I wander
I no longer mourn
And as my body decays
My wraith grows stronger
Far past the end of

I have become
the encompassing nexus
Through serpentine blood and the will of the ancients
Far away from mortal coil
corporeal disorientation
I unravel in the void
Drifting towards interstellar wastelands
Ive walked the surface of dying suns
Reveling in their passing warmth
With no recollection of time
Denial of vain inflictions
No memory of past transgressions
Humanity became a stranger to me
Now all that i see is neverending
Asymmetrical no longer
The infinite nothing
I shed the prison that surrounds my ethos
I have become the encompassing nexus
Through serpentine blood and the will of the ancients
Far away from mortal coil
corporeal disorientation
I unravel in the void
Drifting towards interstellar wastelands